Welcome to the Lagoon Playgroup

The Lagoon Playgroup is a parent participation preschool.  Under the direction of the Director/Teacher, parents have the unique opportunity to actively participate in school events and engage in the classroom on assigned work days.

At the Lagoon Playgroup we believe that children learn best when given the opportunity to explore and discover their natural environment.  We cultivate a culture of self-discovery, problem solving, and inquiry.  Our beautiful outdoor classroom offers many daily opportunities for children to engage in hands on learning.

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Parent & Toddler play group

A parent participation class offered at the Lagoon Playgroup for children age 2-3 years and their parent. This class is an opportunity for parents and children to play together and engage in hands on learning activities while becoming familiar with the routine in a child-centered preschool. During class children will sing songs and listen to a story.

Our Parent & Toddler play group will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday for six weeks. The next session begins on Tuesday, September 25th or Thursday, September 27th and runs through October 30th and November 1st. Registration is now open. The Toddler playgroup is from 12:15-1:15pm. The cost of the playgroup is $120.

Parent & Toddler play group begins this year during the following time:

Sept. 25 – Oct.30
Sept 27 – Nov. 1

Jan. 15- Feb. 19
Jan. 17 – Feb. 21

March 5 – April 9
March 7 – April 11

April 16 – May 28
April 18- May 30

Please email Rachel at lagoonteacher@gmail.com with any questions regarding the Intro to Preschool class and for registration information or click here to fill out the online registration form.