Below is an example daily schedule. While every day will include these elements, some of these times may change. We are always open to spontaneity!

Working parent arrival: Teacher and working parents arrive to set up school.
 9:00 General arrival: Children arrive and have free play and choice of interest centers. Parents will be stationed at interest areas to assist and offer guidance to children.
 9:30 Welcome gathering: Children come to large room rug area for welcome songs, scheduled learning discussions, and daily activity choices.
 9:45 Activity time: Teacher directed activities such as creative art, cooking and free play. Parents help where necessary and assist Teacher.
 10:30 Circle time: Children re-group at the rug or at the tree circle; discuss activities, story time, or songs. Parents set up snack.
 10:45 Snack time: Children and adults sit together at tables, sing songs and enjoy quiet conversation. Children clean up their dishes are excused to free play.
 11:15 Clean-up time: Children help restore order and put things away with our help.
 11:30 Circle time: music and movement, stories and sharing, reiteration of the day’s lesson and activities.
 12:00 School is over (except on extended days). Adults and children not staying head out.